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  • Templates, SOPs, and Training to attract, close, deliver and retain "Funnels as a Service" clients
  • 12 months unlimited access to Funnelytics, with training on how to leverage the platform to close and retain clients
  • Access to our Partner Hub where 140+ 6, 7, and 8-figure agencies are learning, collaborating, and supporting each other.


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Join These Agency Owners Who Found a Renewed Joy and Freedom in their Business

Baillie Thornhill - Impact on Business

$13.6k Closed, $27k in the Pipeline from 1 Mastermind Call

Kevin Beeftink - How we helped him achieve the next level

How Kevin went from $15k/mo to $45k/mo working 70% less with 2.5x more profit!

Brittany Madden - How did the program help

Brittany shares her highlights of the program (Accountability, community, and a proven step-by step process)

Matt Treece - Biggest impact on your business

Matt went from $2k/mo to$9k/mo in 90 days with our Client Attraction System.

Damien Plutino - Tripled Every Part of Business

How Damien 3x’d every part of his Agency

Zac Hansen - Success Story

How Zac 3x’d his Agency prices in his first month


Peter Szabo

"With some of the funnel and positioning strategies that Mikael helped me implement, my business exploded!
I'm so grateful to be collecting over $100,000 every month now after working with Mikael and the coaching team"