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Learn The 3-Step "Agency" Funnel That Generates A Consistent & Predictable Flow of Dream Clients Who Want YOUR Digital Marketing Services
Watch this short video to learn the funnel that transformed our sales calendar from sparse and unpredictable into consistently full of qualified leads EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Normally, the Agency Ignite Funnel is exclusive to our Agency Accelerator members (who pay $5,000 to join the program)

For a limited time, you can get access to our entire Agency Ignite Funnel Formula for a single payment of $197
Do you have a consistent flow of qualified prospects for your Digital Marketing Services?

Do any of the following resonate:
  • ​I don’t know where my next client is going to come from
  • ​ I depend on referrals to generate new business
  • ​The prospects I talk to can’t afford my services
  • I find myself discounting my services just to land a client
  • I am chasing clients around trying to get them to buy
  • ​I have a few 4-5 figure months immediately followed by a $0 month
I struggled with the same problems for the first 18 months of running my Agency...
I had to do all of the manual "outbound" strategies, because I didn't have a system to bring in clients automatically.

So I was left:
  •  Applying to jobs on UpWork (only to compete on price with a bunch of other people).
  • ​Chasing down uneducated leads who had no clue who we were, the value of what we did, or how it could help their business
  • ​Posting constantly in Facebook Groups to try and "create value"
  • ​Hiring $5 per hour Virtual Assistants to cold email businesses
  • ​Sending spammy LinkedIn messages to hopefully get some response
All of the bootstrap stuff that people say you should do.

Each month was a complete gamble. Some months we'd close at most $10,000 of business, and other months it would be ZERO.

Sometimes for 2 or 3 months on end…
It wasn't until I implemented the "Agency Ignite Funnel" that my calendar started to fill up every single week.
I built the Agency Ignite Funnel system which turned our eratic income into $1 million plus in revenue in 18 months.

I have shared this system with entrepreneurs and agency owners just like you who were able to create a consistent stream of clients in a matter of DAYS after implementing this funnel.

"Within one week of launching my funnel I had 7 phone calls, and closed my first monthly retainer."
Ben Rahlf
Most "Experts" will tell you that you need a Webinar or some other crap...
I tried that... 

We spent countless weeks recording videos, scripting webinars, putting together content and email sequences trying to get a system in place. 
We built lead magnets to capture leads...

We spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads. 

But the results were pretty bad - it was just a ton of time, money and energy that had been wasted.
The ONE key difference between attracting consulting clients vs service-based clients
After spending months and thousands of dollars "blindly following" what the experts told me to do, I started to realize something...

Business owners who want Services "done for them" don't care to learn

Think about it for a second – if your goal is to speak to someone who wants a done-for-you service like PPC or Social Media Management or SEO or any other Digital Marketing Service, generally they don’t really want to learn and they just want it done.

They don’t care about understanding each component or HOW it works… they just want to know if you can get them the result they want.
Let me put it in another way... 

If you are looking for a plumber to fix your toilet, do you care to sit through a presentation teaching you "how it works"? 

Of course not!

Same thing applies to businesses who want digital marketing services.
This is how the 3-step "AGENCY IGNITE FUNNEL" works
Don't let the simplicity of this funnel fool you - it is extremely powerful.

There are 3 core steps to this Funnel...

1) The Ignite Video 

This is the SECRET SAUCE. 

If you want to attract your Dream Client so that they are pre-qualified to work with you AND willing pay you premium fees, then it's all about the video that you craft.

In your video, you do not want to teach anything - instead, you need to demonstrate 3 things…
  • Do you understand the core problem that your Dream Client is facing?
  • Do you have a marketing solution for their problem?
  • Do you have proof that your solution will solve their problem?
You need to show that you understand where they are coming from and show empathy towards their situation - but, they also need to know that you can implement a solution for them.

The final call to action in the video should ask people to schedule a call… but only after they are sure that you are the perfect agency for them.

Crafting this video is an art and a science, but once you get it right it becomes a marketing asset that you can leverage to generate an abundance of leads for your agency.

2) The Calendar Booking

Remove friction and get more calls.

After your Dream Client watches your Ignite Video, they are going to want to book a call with you.

Forget manually following up… that’s a pain in the ass. 

Instead, give them access to your calendar and let them choose a time that is available and convenient for them. 

After they select a time slot in your calendar, you’ll need to add a small questionnaire that allows you to vet people so you can only speak to hyper-qualified leads.

3) The Show + Awe Confirmation 

Make prospects want to give you their credit card BEFORE they speak to you.

Dan Kennedy once said that you need to Shock & Awe your prospects by giving them more than they anticipated.

Your confirmation page needs to do just that... Shock & Awe them so that they are ready to buy from you even before they speak to you.

Remember, positioning is one of the MOST important aspects of marketing and getting new clients.

Your Ignite Video should set the stage and position you as an authority, 

The calendar should make it super easy for your prospect to book a call with you,

The Shock + Awe page is the tipping point to push people over the edge and make them desire your services before they even speak with you.


This simple 3-Step Funnel that has allowed me to sell over $1,000,000+ in Digital Marketing services in less than 18 months.

More importantly, the students' I've helped have also gotten incredible results in their businesses!
"I have calls coming in at $55 for a service I'm charging $4,000 for."
Robert Rhau
Introducing our "swipe-and-deploy" Agency Ignite Funnel template
I want you to get your Agency Ignite Funnel up and running as fast as possible, so you can end the frustration of client acquisition once and for all!

That's why I want to give you my entire Agency Ignite Funnel formula, along with everything you need to launch a high-converting Agency funnel that will land you a consistent flow of clients

Here's what you get:
Full training on the agency Ignite funnel

Agency Ignite Funnel Training ($497 Value)

Learn the ins-and-outs of what it takes to convert a stranger into a perfect client for your Digital Marketing services.

This training will show you how to stop chasing after prospects and build the perfect funnel to have them come to you!
template pages of the funnel

Funnel Template Pages ($497 Value)

Save yourself hours of time by copying and pasting the exact funnel page templates directly into Wordpress or ClickFunnels...

No need to spend several hundred dollars hiring a designer to design this funnel for you, instead we give you all of the pages with "fill-in-the-blank" text that you can quickly edit, so that you can launch your funnel fast.
Fill-in-the-blank Ignite Video Script

Ignite Video Script ($1,997 Value)

Crafting a high-converting Ignite Video is the key to turning strangers into clients, but starring at a blank page can be daunting. Hiring a copywriter to craft a high-converting video that you can leverage for a lifetime would cost you $5,000+

We've spent tens of thousands of dollars testing, tweaking and optimizing the perfect script for Digital Marketing Agencies... and we've turned it into a "Fill-in-the-blank" script that you can easily swipe and use for your services.

Sample Ignite Videos ($497 Value)

We haven't just done this Agency Ignite Funnel for ourselves - we've done it for our clients and students too!

The results have been incredible and we want you to model what works - so we give you example videos that you can watch and model for your own agency
Full Live Demo of the Tech Setup

Tech Setup Demo ($297 Value)

Save yourself the headache of the tech nuances... it's much easier to watch and video and simply do exactly what the video tells you to do.

We've broken down step-by-step how to set up and test this funnel so that you can hit the ground running fast.

Agency Authority Mini-Site ($997 Value)

Save yourself hours of time by copying and pasting the exact page templates of our high converting website design - built specifically for Digital Marketing Agencies to position themselves as industry experts.

Import directly into Thrive Themes or ClickFunnels...

Total Value of $4,782
Normally, the Agency Ignite Funnel is exclusive to our Agency Accelerator members (who pay $5,000 to join the program)

For a limited time, you can get access to our entire Agency Ignite Funnel Formula for a single payment of $197

I've had my own marketing agency for a few years but I have to say that in probably about 4 weeks I've been able to land my first ever $10k client! 

I fully know that I wouldn't of been able to land that kind of client if I had not learned from Mikael.

Good god Mikael! 

Booking appointments in the mortgage niche for under $48 so far and it's only that high because my calendar had some small technical difficulties and people werent' scheduling

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